Fufeng Culture


Enterprise Mission

— Products abound and people live in plenty

Fufeng devotes itself to the development and prosperity of biological fermentation industry and other diversified industrial, persists in entrepreneurship, and keeps making its own effortsholds the good faith of undertaking the responsibility for customers, employees, shareholders and society, creates value, and realizes mutual benefits.

The mission for the employee – Bring up our employee

The mission for the interested parties  Value alliance

The mission for the social – Prosper the regional economy

Enterprise vision

— To be a global famous biological fermentation enterprise, meanwhile become a investment holding group with diversified and high value

Fufeng orientates its main industry in the biological fermentation.

With the focus on its main business, Fufeng vigorously develops diversified industries, and never miss the related important development opportunities.

es to become a global enterprise brand with widely international influence.

Core Values

— Put United Endeavour as the Root, Put the Company Overall Interests first

and it mainly reflects in “Put United Endeavour as the Root”; Fufeng people admire the arduous struggle, honesty and upright, thrifty. The group appreciates and absorbs those ambitious pe

one’s own career

The Enterprise Spirit

— the Pioneer Spirit, the Climber Spirit

Fufeng, from startup hard survival to today's countless rich fruits, all the successes show Fufeng people’s arduous struggle & perseverance & determined fight, which converges in the pioneer spirit; This kind of spiritual realm is the source of Fufeng’s continuous development. Fufeng people have the courage to face frustrations and hard bones with firm thoughts ---they never give up; Fufeng people are never satisfied with little rich, nor indulge ourselves in comfort and rich. Facing with new periods and new conditions, Fufeng people carry forward the “pioneering & enterprising” spirits to make new achievements.

Fufeng people adhere to the climber spirit of “Focusing on Professionalism, Keeping Feets on the Ground, Continuing to Improve and Sticking to the End”. Fufeng people adhere to the principle of “choose the job and love the job and one step at a time”, we are not content with the past success and we are always climbing for the higher realms. Fufeng people persist in climbing for the great aspiration of a century enterprise, climbing for the peak of professional field, and climbing for the peak of the field of science and technology, we never give up and hold on to the last.